After VBS camp at Mt. Olivet

Time Travelers: Unlock the mysteries of Ancient eEmpires

Where? Mt. Olivet UMC
When? 20150717
Who? 3-12


EverWonder what it would be like to travel back in time?

If so, hop onto EverWonder’s time traveler machine and join us as we journey back through time to explore the ancient empires around the world. While tomb hunting in Egypt we’ll build ancient pyramids. In Greece, we’ll climb atop the Acropolis to learn more about Ancient Greece’s passion for government, math and theater. We’ll spar lions and other wild beasts within Coliseum walls while spending time with Spartacus, the Gladiator and other Ancient Romans and so much more. Activities will include art, making and listening to music, movement, creative writing, games, dancing and so much more. Join us!