B is for Beneath the Light of the Moon (June 15-19)

EverWonder who's awake when the sun goes down and the moon comes up?

Where? Mt. Olivet UMC
When? 20150619
Who? 3-6 year-old campers


Late at night, when the moon is out and most of us are tucked snugly in our beds some animals and some people are awake- and doing all sorts of interesting things! Whether it’s a raccoon sifting through trash, owls hunting for prey, or fireflies lighting up the sky they are all busy going about their “day.” Street sweepers, zookeepers, bridge painters, donut bakers, window dressers and trash collectors are also working hard getting the job done. At camp this week, we’ll explore our world through the eyes of nocturnal animals and night shift workers. You’ll be surprised at just how much goes on beneath the light of the moon as most of us sleep the night away…

A naturalist from Long Branch Nature Center will be visiting camp this week to talk about nocturnal animals. They’ll be bringing flying squirrels in, too!

$210 per week (camp runs 9:30-1:15) with snack, t-shirt and all materials included

Stay and Play from 1:15-2:00 for an additional $45 per week

$50 non-refundable deposit (per week) is due at registration with the balance due by 5/1

Register for 5 weeks of tot camp at full-price and receive $50 off every subsequent week of tot camp.  $40 discount during the week of July 13.