Bug Bonanza!!!! (March 30 – April 3)

EverWonder about creepy crawlies and things that go BUZZ?

Where? Barrett Elementary- 4401 North Henderson Street Arlington, VA 22203
When? 20150403


Join us, young Entomologists, for one, two, three, four or five days of camp where we’ll embark on an animal safari.

Monday’s theme: Migration

Elephants migrate, buffalos migrate, sharks migrate, even people migrate, but did you know that bugs migrate? Join us on a voyage under water, over land and through the sky to see how invertebrates move from one place to the next.

Tuesday’s theme: Touch and Talk

A naturalist from Long Branch Nature Center will join us at camp. He or she will bring lots of bugs for the campers to discover and meet up close. You won’t want to miss this!

Wednesday’s theme: Say what? Wasps, Walking Sticks, Water Bugs and Waxworms are all edible?!?!

Americans have been eating pizza for a long time, but people all over the world have been eating bugs for much longer! Join us on this Wacky Wednesday where we’ll learn all about the invertebrates people eat all around the world. We will even be able to eat our own “insect snacks!” Make sure you come to camp hungry!!!

Thursday’s theme: Thankful Thursday

Did you know that bugs work together to help each other out all the time? On this Thankful Thursday we’ll learn all about the intricate social system of the invertebrate world. Campers will also participate in a community service project

Friday’s theme: Who Glows There?

Fireflies, glowworms and earthworms are all shining examples of bioluminescent creatures that glow in surprising ways. Join us on this final day of camp where everything will glimmer, gleam and, of course, glow.

$350 for the week-long camp for core hours 9-3

$70 for core hours 9-3 daily (1, 2, 3, or 4 days of camp)

OR become and EverWonder Insider (passes can be bought on our registration page) and save BIG on camps. 5 single day passes are $325, 10 single day passes are $600, 15 single day passes are $825 and can be purchased on our registration page. Insiders register for camps by emailing us at <a href=”mailto:everwonder@everwondercamps.com”>everwonder@everwondercamps.com</a>
$10 for early care 8-9 each day or $50 for the week if you register for 5 days
$25 for after care 3-6 each day or $100 for the week if you register for 5 days

Lunch on Friday is included. Please pack lunch for M-Th.

Please also pack nut-free snacks each day.