D is for Diggin’ for Dinosaurs (July 6-10)

EverWonder what it would be like to be a Paleontologist?

Where? Mt. Olivet UMC
When? 20150710
Who? 3-6 year-old campers


Hop on our time machine and travel with us back to the Jurassic time period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. We’ll make dinosaur footprints, dig for dinosaur bones, find fossils and make our very own volcanoes.

As a special treat, Black Rock Reptiles will be bringing in some special friends to touch and see!

$210 per week (camp runs 9:30-1:15) with snack, t-shirt and all materials included

Stay and Play from 1:15-2:00 for an additional $45 per week

$50 non-refundable deposit (per week) is due at registration with the balance due by 5/1

Register for 5 weeks of tot camp at full-price and receive $50 off every subsequent week of tot camp.  $40 discount during the week of July 13.